Bill Discounting

Salient Feature

  Short-investments with predefined returns

  Alternative investment class

  Higher rate of returns and lower risks

  Diversification of portfolio

  Investment link to receivables from large corporates.

Inter corporate deposits

Salient Feature

  Corporate to corporate Loans

  Short term Loans of upto 180 days

  Short term Loans to rated companies

  High yeild on treasury funds at lower risk.

Loan against shares

Salient Feature

  Loans against highly liquid shares and securities

  Fixed term tenure of 90 to 360 days

  High yeild with the security covered.

Structured Instruments

Salient Feature

   Tailor made investment based on the requirement

   Higher yeild,lower risks

   Quasi structure with the mix of debt and equity investment.

Invoice Discounting

Salient Feature

   Investment against invoices raised on large corporates

   Short term tenure

   Predefined returns

   Alternative assets class,diversification of the portfolio.